RCIA – Rite of Acceptance

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA – The Rite of Acceptance

Loretta, Hansini & Lief

 1st Sunday Advent – November 30, 2014

Presider: Rev. Barry J. Anwender

The rite of acceptance follows a stage of inquiry and introduction into the Christian faith for adults discerning and preparing to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church.   At this liturgical rite the candidates express their desire to enter the beginning of the catechumenate stage.   The parish of Blessed Sacrament accepts their intention to respond to God’s call to follow the way of Christ.

The period of the catechumenate is a time for nurturing and growth of the catechumen’s faith, their relationship with Christ and conversion to God.   Those who are not yet Christians, with the help of the Holy Spirit open their hearts so they can be freely converted to Jesus and commit themselves sincerely to him.   For he who is the way, the truth and the life fulfills all their spiritual expecations, indeed infinitely surpasses them.

 Photos: Courtesy of Fe Hipolito

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