Pandemic Update

We were alerted on Tuesday that a person who attended the Mass here on Friday February 26th tested positive for covid-19. As requested by Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), I submitted the list of those who attended the Mass along with contact telephone numbers. I also submitted information regarding our masking policies, seating situation, PPE, hand hygiene, disinfecting etc.

After reviewing this case, SHA informed us that no one was in “close contact” (according to the health guidelines definition) with the person who tested positive. As a result, there is no need for anyone to self-isolate and there is no need to shut down. However, SHA strongly encourages everyone here to self-monitor for symptoms and if symptoms should develop then one should get tested and self-isolate at that time. Details on this are found at:

SHA also commended us on our covid-19 protocol – and it also made their investigation of this case go smoothly. I think this experience confirms our diligent efforts to disinfect and follow health safety guidelines in our parish. Let’s continue to do so: mask and social distance at all times within the church, and always be considerate in caring for one another. And then we can continue to praise and give thanks to the Lord.

Finally, as SHA has advised everyone, especially those who attended the Mass on February 26th, please self-monitor! SHA also indicated that if you have any symptoms, please get tested, seek medical help if need be, and of course self-isolate at home. But for now, just self-monitor.


Fr. Jim Hentges