Going to 30% capacity on May 30th

This Sunday, May 30th, we begin step 1 of the Government of Saskatchewan’s “Re-Opening Roadmap” which allows an increase in the number of persons who may attend Mass here at Blessed Sacrament Church. Beginning Sunday, we move to 30% of capacity while at the same time maintaining effective health measures including the wearing of masks and proper social distancing.

We will not allow occupancy beyond the limit of 30% capacity, nor do we envision reaching that level at this time. Consequently, we no longer require pre-registration to attend liturgies at Blessed Sacrament Church. So we welcome you back to Mass here, weekends and weekdays, if you feel comfortable doing so and if you do the Covid-19 self-assessment:

If you will be attending Mass at Blessed Sacrament, besides the personal self-assessment, we ask that:

  • you register with your name and telephone number upon entering;
  • you wear a face-mask upon entering and during the entire Mass.
  • you keep proper social-distance – the pews have been carefully restricted to encourage social distancing.
    only members of one household occupy a pew.
  • for communion, please social distance during the communion procession and also wear a face mask during the distribution of communion and removing it only after receiving the host in your hand, stepping to the side and consuming the host before returning to your pew.

The Saskatchewan government has indicated that we are able to move forward with this first step towards reopening because so many Saskatchewan people are doing their part and getting vaccinated, and because we are all following the public health orders and guidelines which all contribute to reduce the spread of this virus. While the decision to be vaccinated is a personal decision, the vaccines are morally acceptable for Catholics, and medical and government officials have deemed these vaccines medically safe and highly effective at saving lives and preventing serious illness. Personally, I hope to receive my second dose of the vaccine in the coming week.

Whether or not you are able to return to a weekend or weekday Mass here at Blessed Sacrament Parish, be assured that you remain in my prayer.


Fr. Jim Hentges,