Email Sent to All Parishioners – November 28th

Dear Parishioners,

I hope that this finds all of you well.

We understand that these times are difficult for all of us and I wish to remind you that I hold all of you in my prayers, especially at our daily Masses each day. Some of you have come to Church frequently in these past months, while some of you have found it necessary to take the precaution of staying home and keeping safe. I thank all of you for thinking of your neighbour and caring for each other.

SK Health has imposed stricter guidelines for public gatherings in recent weeks because of the dramatic increase in covid-19 cases in the Province. As a result, Blessed Sacrament Parish must implement these norms for attendance at our daily and Sunday Masses. 
Effective immediately:
  • A maximum of 30 persons may attend each Mass.
  • Face mask must be worn at all times (from the time one enters the Church until one has exited the Church.
  • Those attending must sign in upon entering the Church.
  • Pre-registration is required for Saturday or Sunday Mass beginning with the weekend of December 5 & 6.
  • No pre-registration is necessary at this time for the weekday Mass at 12:05 PM.
  • You may pre-register for Saturday or Sunday Mass by contacting the Parish Office during office hours (Tuesday to Friday, 1-4 PM).
Note: for this weekend, Nov 28 & 29, we did not have the time to set up pre-registration, so only the first 30 persons arriving may attend this weekend.
As the pandemic becomes more and more serious here in Regina, I assure you that we are taking all of the necessary precautions. When even stricter health guidelines are imposed, be assured that we will follow them closely here at all times.
Disinfecting and Sanitizing the Church

  • We have been very diligent in preparing and maintaining our parish church in this pandemic. Each day before Mass, Simon, our caretaker, thoroughly disinfects the entire area for the congregation in the church. This process involves spraying the pews from a pump spray and then wiping down the pew surface. Additionally, many of you have been using sprayers to wet surfaces and cloths to wipe the surfaces down.
  • Recently, we obtained better disinfecting equipment and started using a process which will disinfect/sanitize the church more effectively.We now have a handheld battery operated electrostatic ULV sprayer which will disperse a disinfectant which covers the surfaces and kills those airborne viruses. This sprayer not only is for disinfection of the surfaces, but also for purifying the air. We have also moved to a disinfectant which will be less damaging to hard surfaces (e.g. pews).

Advent and Christmas
During these seasons:

• We will schedule some opportunities for those who wish to receive the Sacrament of the Sick – Anointing of the Sick. On Tuesdays, December 8th and 22nd, anointing of the sick will be available after the 12:05 PM Mass. Pre-registration will be required for these Masses and the anointing.
• Communal Penance Services will be scheduled at 5:10 PM on Tuesday, December 15th and 22nd. Pre-registration will be required for these services.
Since the situation of the pandemic at Christmas time is still uncertain, we will announce a schedule later in December. But we will try to accommodate all parishioners who wish to attend in person.
Live/Recorded Streaming of Mass
We are working diligently to provide a daily streaming of Mass from Blessed Sacrament. We hopefully will be streaming on a variety of platforms. For now, watch our YouTube channel or go to our parish website for the link to the streaming when available. Coming Soon!

Finally, I urge you to check in on our Blessed Sacrament website throughout this period for updates and also to obtain the weekly Parish Bulletin.

Thank you for your support for our Church and for being part of our Blessed Sacrament family.

May the Lord be with you always and His gracious peace remain in your hearts,

Fr. Jim

Blessed Sacrament Parish
2049 Scarth Street
Regina SK S4P 2H5

Cell: +1 306.351.3064