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Ash Wednesday schedule

Ash Wednesday • February 17th
Mass with the Distribution of Ashes
7:30 AM • 12:05 PM • 5:10 PM
Pre-Registration for Parishioners after this weekend’s Masses
or by calling the Parish office during the week.
Registration for others begins February 12th

Letter from Father Jim

A pdf of this letter is available here

Dear Parishioners,

I want to share my words of gratitude to all of you, parishioners of Blessed Sacrament Parish. These have been challenging times for all of us but I have experienced your love and support in the midst of these difficulties. Even if you have not been able to join the community in the Eucharist over the past months, each of us has come to know the love of the Lord Jesus in the little acts of kindness and the support which we have extended to each other. At each Eucharist, I and our community assembled pray for all members of the parish and most especially those who are experiencing some distress because of the pandemic.

Pope Francis, speaking recently (for World Mission Day), highlights how important it is that we all be missionaries of compassion in these times:

In these days of pandemic, when there is a temptation to disguise and justify indifference and apathy in the name of healthy social distancing, there is urgent need for the mission of compassion, which can make that necessary distancing an opportunity for encounter, care and promotion. “What we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20), the mercy we have experienced, can thus become a point of reference and a source of credibility, enabling us to recover a shared passion for building “a community of belonging and solidarity worthy of our time, our energy and our resources (Fratelli Tutti, 36)… In our present circumstances, there is an urgent need for missionaries of hope who, anointed by the Lord, can provide a prophetic reminder that no one is saved by himself.

As followers of Christ, I believe all of us should recognize that we must be missionaries of hope to one another by bearing witness to the presence of the Lord in our lives. This should mark us as members of this community of the sacrament of the presence of the Lord, the Blessed Sacrament.

In the parish bulletin for last Sunday (January 24th), I included excerpts from documents of the Vatican and of Canadian bishops about the morality of taking the covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available to us. These articles explain that the Church teaches that it is indeed moral to do so despite information to the contrary. Around the time Pope Francis and Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI were vaccinated, Francis said  “I believe that ethically everyone should take the vaccine… It is an ethical choice because you are gambling with your health, with your life, but you are also gambling with the lives of others.” While taking the vaccine is indeed a personal choice, I want to be a missionary of hope and state that each of us has a duty to protect others from infection with its danger of serious illness, and for some, death. A vaccine is the most effective way to achieve this unless one decides to self-isolate.

Since we will continue to struggle against this virus for some more months and if you feel vulnerable in any way, I urge you to stay safe. Yet if you do feel you are able to attend Mass here at your parish, you are welcome during the week at the midday 12:05 PM Eucharist without pre-registering. If you wish to attend Mass on Saturday or Sunday, please call the Parish Office in the afternoon (Tuesday to Friday) to put your name on the list.

Finally, on behalf of the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, I thank you for your financial support for our parish during the pandemic. Some of you are suffering financially because of the pandemic and so your continued support is even more generous. Thank you.

May the God of mercy, in our prayer with the compassionate mother Mary, continue to guide us, protect us and accompany us during this pandemic.


Fr. James Hentges

Strength for this Challenging Time

O God of Infinite goodness,

We pray for your love and compassion to abound
as we walk through this challenging season.

We ask for wisdom for those who bear the load
of making decisions with widespread consequences.

We pray for those who are suffering with sickness
and all who are caring for them.

We ask for protection for the elderly and vulnerable
to not succumb to the risks of the virus.

We pray for misinformation to be curbed
that fear may take no hold in hearts and minds. 

As we exercise the good sense that you in your mercy provide,
may we also approach each day in faith and peace,
trusting in the truth of your goodness towards us.

We pray through Christ our Lord.

Thursday May 14th Daily Mass available on Zoom App

This Thursday May 14 at 4:00 pm you are invited to join Fr. Jim and the staff at Blessed Sacrament in celebrating the Mass virtually through the Zoom Conference App. Below are the details needed to join. You can either click the link below, or copy and paste it into a web browser on your computer or smartphone. You may be asked if you want to download the app, which should be free. If you already have the Zoom app and it asks for the Meeting ID number, enter the number below.
Topic: Mass from Blessed Sacrament
Time: Thursday May 14th 2020 at 4:00 pm.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 859 4326 6482
In order to see and hear what is happening you will need to say yes to joining audio and video. After you do so, we ask that you mute your microphone and stop your video soon  afterwards (you can find the buttons in the bottom left corner) so that everyone will be able to focus on the Mass and not be distracted by background noise or separate video feeds.
God Bless, and please email if you have any further questions.

Msgr Hogan has died – Funeral Arrangements

Our beloved Msgr Michael Hogan has gone home to be with the Lord. Msgr Hogan passed away on April 21st after a brief hospitalization. Please pray for the repose of Msgr Hogan’s soul and for comfort and consolation to his family and brother priests.

The Funeral Mass for Msgr Michael Hogan will be live streamed (link will be posted later) from Holy Rosary Cathedral on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 10:30 a.m..  Please continue to pray for the repose of the soul of Msgr Hogan’s.

SPECIAL NOTE:  In 2012 for the Year of the Priests several interviews were done with some of the older priests.  At this time it might be nice to watch this interview and remember Msgr. Hogan.  The link is: